Utility drawings

It is a very well known fact that patent application drawings are usually best left to the professional’s illustrators, according to me this is important for every inventor it does not matter whether you are solo inventor or the big firm professional person, to have the good knowledge of the basics of utility patent drawings. It would be better if you can build trust on an illustration service to get everything right for you and save your precious time; however, as the person with the name on the patent application, you are ultimately responsible for the content and form of the drawings that are submitted.



Utility patent maybe define as a kind of patent designed to protect the working of an invention. Utility drawings help us to understand the tough invention and, as such, play an important role in the patent application process.

As a common rule, if the invention is more tough and complex to explain, than it become compulsory that the drawings should be simple, clear, and easy to understand.

Importance of professional illustrator

It is a well known fact that when we make hurry in the work there is more chances of mistake in that particular work. Similarly in the hurry of filing a patent application, many inventors take the wrong decision of filing “informal” drawings making them as part of their patent application, that is, patent drawings that do not meet all the  USPTO utility patent requirements. For better understanding let’s take an example of adding hand sketches and low-quality images in your patent application. We completely understand the fact that informal drawings are important part of the invention and help a lot to a patent illustrator. Still it would be better for you to keep them away from your patent application. they are not going to get the patent for your application.

You should aware with the fact that  there are strict rules and requirements on views, pr lines, letters etc in case of utility drawings. If you are not a professional than the safest option, therefore, is to contact a professional illustrator who have good experience  in patent drawings and who understands very well about the different demands and requirements of various patent offices.

Digital Suntech

Contact us if you want any kind of illustration services. We can prepare drawing for you according to your and patent office requirement. We assure you that you will get the highest quality for your drawings.

Patent Illustration services in India

Patent illustration service in India by the Digital Suntech. Which have a experienced team of patent illustrators. We are very popular in India because of brilliant services regarding patent illustration. We will provide you perfection in every type of invention. It does not matter whether it is utility drawing, or the complex type of mechanical drawings. You would be satisfied with the quality of drawings produced by our expert patent illustrators. We said our team is perfect for any type of invention because our team knows the rules and guidelines of various patent offices of different countries.
Services provided by us

Here is the list provided given below regarding the services provide by our company.

· Utility Patent Drawings

In order to prevent structural and functional features of an invention utility patent drawing would be the best.

· Patent Design Drawings

With the help of the design drawings we can get the ideas about the client’s inventions.

· Flow Charts/Graphs

With the help of this you can get the diagrammatic views of the steps to accomplish the task.

· Biotechnological/Medical Devices

It is necessary nowadays to get the patent for biotechnological/medical devices by the help of every information and drawings regarding invention.

· Mechanical Drawings

It is a type of technical drawing which helps in analyzing the complex types of the drawings.

· E-filing ready files

Here E-filing ready files are also available which can directly posted to the patent office website with zero percent chances of mistakes.

You will find perfection in our work regarding these above mention services. Because we have special illustrators who has the tag of specialist in these services. Thus this is the main reason why we are the first preference of the customers.

Why Digital Suntech?

  ou know very well that if a drawing does not have quality and it also does not meeting the requirements. Then there is no use of such type of drawings. It damages the reputation of the inventor. Thus every inventor wants to make gap from these types of drawings. It is very hard to find the best illustrators for your invention. But with us you really need not to worry about anything. You will get the drawings which satisfy the inventor’s invention as well as patent office rules. You will get the best possible results for sure for your invention after dealing with the Digital Suntech.

What should you look for while soliciting professional patent drawing services?

A patent drawing is not a mandatory part of your patent application. However, it certainly enhances the concreteness and the understand ability of your claim. So, it can be said that complementing the written description of your invention with a visual medium is the right way to go about a patent application. Furthermore, inventors aren’t oblivious to the benefits that come with hiring professionals for making their patent drawings. However, many inventors are not well-acquainted with the domain of IP and lack the necessary know-how to find a competent draftsperson.


We’re here to remedy this predicament.


Points to consider while taking professional patent services


Here are some things that you should look for:-


.  Pricing

In most cases, hiring a company that offers its services at a flat price will be the best bet for you. Unless you work for an organization that has a recurring need for patent drawing services, do not go for contractual packages. Also, examine the rate cards of the companies you solicit, and ask them about any hidden charges.


.  Reliability


Since drafting a patent drawing is not the same as painting a landscape onto a canvas, you need to work with professionals who you can rely on. If you are not adequately educated about the guidelines prescribed by patent offices, you cannot undertake the operation of drawing Patent Illustrations on your own. Moreover, a lack of artistic ability can also restrict your autonomy in the realm of crafting patent sketches. However, when you deal with a reliable organization that delivers bespoke patent drawings, you don’t need to worry about researching the said guidelines. The company does it for you. Moreover, professionals also ensure that you get the patent drawings you need within an agreed-upon timeframe. Simply put, hire an entity that you can rely on. Check their portfolio and past credentials to make your assessment. Word-of-mouth and recommendations from your friends and colleagues can also help you in soliciting the right organization.


.  Confidentiality

Confidentiality is the most important thing in the world of intellectual property. Finding a reliable patent drawing company is not enough if you can’t trust the organization. So, you need to conduct some research on your part to ascertain that the organization you are trusting with your valuable patent documents will handle them with safety and discretion.


Filing a patent application is an important step in an inventor’s career. Thus, it makes sense to do it correctly. To conclude, you shouldn’t think twice about supplementing your patent application with patent illustrations.

Need of Patent Illustrator

Patent Drawings are one of the key components of the patent application. Like other documents these are also very important as they describe the invention more clearly. If any part is left by you in the description of the invention then you can explain that part through the drawings also. As half of the part of the invention is clearly understood by these drawings only about the invention to the inventor so they should be neat and accurate. Once you file a patent application, it is reviewed by the different members like inventor, patent attorney and the most important is the USPTO government, without the approval of the USPTO government you cannot get the patent of your application. So they should be made in such a way that your invention is clearly understood by them through these drawings only.
These drawings should be made according to the USPTO rules. It should reflect the form, surface finish, and material of the subject matter. The composition of the drawings should be pleasing and the technique should be appropriate. Line weights, tone, and shading should relate to the scale, mass, and surface of the subject. There should as many views as they clearly disclose the invention and its novelty, i.e., front, rear, right and left sides, top and bottom. While not required, it is suggested that perspective views be submitted to clearly show the shape and appearance of three-dimensional designs. The drawings should be done in black and white, unless color is needed to illustrate specifies of the invention or idea. They should be done on high quality paper that is strong and non-glossy. All sheets must be free from cracks, creases and folds. Only one side of the sheet may be used for the drawing. Each sheet must be free from erasures and free from alterations and overwriting. These are some rules according to which these drawings should be made. If any inventor is making drawings for the first time , it is better to hire some professional to make these drawings as he is unaware of the rules given by the government. There are many patent illustrators in India you can easily find out the one who can make your Patent Illustration efficiently.

Role of Drawings in Patent Illustrations

When you have a great idea and you want to protect it, then you should get a patent of your application so that it is not stolen by anyone. Patent is a legal document given by the government for its personal use. It is the copyright of an individual. It is only up to the individual how he uses it. He can use it for 20 years only after 20 years it can be used by anybody in the market.  There are various documents you have to prepare while submitting the application to for a patent.  These are novel, Patent Drawings and the subject matter on which the invention is done. All the documents are completed by the inventor but when it comes to drawings people left behind in it. As drawings are very important in getting a patent, they should be complete and well defined.
There are various techniques of making patent drawings like line drawing, use of computer etc. Line drawing is one of the most common methods of making drawings. For beginners it is very useful.  Line drawing is defined as the graphic representation made with lines and solids, as opposed to one made with tone gradations, such as a photograph. A line drawing is that which defines a form or edge-an outline.  It describes the outermost edges of a form, as well as dramatic changes of plane within the form. Contours in map making track across a surface linking points of the same height, so are very different in appearance and purpose to the contours referred to in visual art. This type of cartographic contour has more in common with an artist's 'cross contours', which are drawn to describe imaginary lines that cut across the form.
No doubt that line drawing is very easy to make the drawings but one should not take any risk of making the patent drawings, as there are some facts which are not known to everyone. As you know that Patent Illustration is very important to get a patent. So in order to avoid any risk one should contact the technical expert for making your drawings. They are very well known about the facts of drawings as they are very experienced and are proficient in their field.

Importance of getting a patent

Line drawing (contour drawing) is a line function which primarily uses line to indicate change of plane. A plane is the edge where two sides of an object meet. To do a line drawing of an object, you simply draw all the edges. It is very easy to make the drawings by using the technique of line drawing. As line drawing is very easy to make the drawings, many inventors start making the drawings own their own without knowing all the basic facts of drawings. Without having the proper knowledge of line drawings you cannot make patent drawings. It requires practice to produce great works of art. If you are not experienced in making drawings then you cannot do patent drawings as they are very complicated. Patent drawings are very difficult to make for the inexperienced people. To make the patent drawings one should be very experienced in making the drawings. Inventors do all the document work and they left behind in drawings. This led to the rejection of their application. They suffer just because of these drawings only. Inventors spend many years to do the particular invention. When the time comes to get a patent, their applications sometimes get rejected due to one reason or the other. The reasons may be like insufficient, poor, incorrect drawings, incomplete documents or the subject matter on which the invention is carried out is not properly explained. If you have done the inventions in biology field, mechanical field; drawings are very important as they can very well explain the theory part and the functionality of the invention.  If you do not submit the drawings in these particular fields, your application can definitely be rejected. In some cases, the invention is unique but inventors lose to get patent due to these drawings only as they make themselves and they do not have any experience in making them. So you should submit all the documents along with the drawings. You need to worry about the drawings as there are many Patent Illustrators in the market from which you can make these drawings. They are very professional people, they make your drawings properly and accurate with every part is well defined.  After all it is a valuable asset for you and you cannot put your hard work of many years to go waste due to drawings only.

Importance of Patent Drawings

A patent is the monopoly granted by the government to an inventor over his creation for a limited period of time. It is granted for 20 years only. It is a legal document which explains the new invention of an individual. One gets patent only if his invention is new or in other words if his invention is not already done by the other person. There are three things to be required by the person to get the patent i.e. relevant drawings, novel and it should contain the detailed description of the subject matter. A patent will also give you the license, which you can give to other person also-generating royalties that can acts as a source of business. Patent Illustrations (drawings) is very useful and important to get the patent as they allow one to easily understand what the inventor is trying to say. Without these Patent Line Drawings it is very difficult for the patent office to look into your functionality of your invention and it is also possible that you will not get a patent.
If you have done in invention in medical devices like surgical instruments, in dentistry, X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices and elongated-member-driving apparatus etc. these types of inventions drawings should be made neat and clean as these drawings will help the examiner to understand the proper functioning of the devices. You should do these drawings as per the standards given by the government.  Black and white drawings are normally required. If you want to use some colours in your drawings you have to give the reason for using the colour in your drawings and you have to file a petition of it. The paper on which these drawings are made should be flexible, strong, white, non-shiny and should not be folded from any other side. These drawings are to be submitted at the time of applying for the patent.  The drawings may or may not be accepted as filed. If not accepted, the Patent Office sends a notice, and sets a time period for submitting the drawings. There may be several reasons of not accepting the drawings like improper labelling, not very much neat and clean, insufficient drawings, poor drawing etc. The other reason for not accepting the drawing is that if the colours are used and petition is not submitted or if the conditions for accepting colour drawings are not satisfied.
So if you want your drawings to be accepted you should hire some professional and experienced draftsmen to make your drawings. He will never let your hard work in vain.  Please click HERE to Order your Patent Drawings & Illustrations.